Merge Print with Your Digital Advertising to Boost Marketing

For any business today, print advertising is one of the most powerful and accessible ways to help promote and improve the visibility of your business.

However, with the rise of digital and social media marketing, it’s vital that you can find time and budget for both. They are two of the largest platforms for boosting business that exist, so it’s vital that you make the most of them.

Bringing both disciplines together, though, can be a bit more challenging than you would have presumed. To help you do so, here is a list of simple tips that can help you to merge print with digital advertising to help create a best-of-both-worlds scenario.

Merging Print with Digital Advertising

  •         Start off by getting around the idea of having the same potential outcome for both kinds of marketing: the people should always be your primary focus. Making people the focus makes obvious sense as it can make it much easier for you to develop your digital advertising as required. For a start, you should begin to offer people invitations to go to your social media pages on you print advertising; if they do, they can get access to discounts, promotions and a whole lot else.
  •         Use your digital media platforms to help retain loyalty, while using print media to get people interested in the first place. Get them interested by showing that you are doing a live video Q&A session or a tutorial program online that anyone who comes to will get the chance to win prizes/get discounts etc.
  •         Don’t be afraid to use hashtags on your print media either, too. Hashtags are easy to search for online and can be a good way to make the topic being discussed either to feel more personable to the user. Do yourself a favor and invest in using your digital advertising campaigns involving hashtags and the like online; it can be very useful for helping to create a buzz that people can easily search for and join in with.
  •         Put your web address, social media handles and contact details on everything. From little pin badges that you hand out at conventions to going on business cards and flyers, you can combine the appeal of print media with an easy way to let them come and find out more for themselves on social media about what you can offer them – a huge winner in many respects.
  •         Use your logo and your overall brand voicing on everything, whether you are talking about a flyer or a website post. Make sure all of your offline media makes the most of your online branding that you use; color schemes, logos, fonts etc. to help really make sure that your print and digital media can become interchangeable and easy to recognize.
  •         Make sure that you make it clear if you use things like Mogl, as it gives people yet more opportunities to take their interest online after learning about you online and benefit through money-off promotions.

Using all of the above, you can make a big difference to the way that your business operates. It takes a lot of work, for sure, but a combination between print and normal media can really help to strengthen your brand credentials in a big way.


Choose the Right Business Printing Company with These 6 Tips

With more than 30,000 commercial printing companies in the United States, how can procurement managers decide what printing company is best to work with?

Fast Printing Co. meets its customers’ needs by tailoring its products and services to suit every printing demand.

  1. Capabilities

All printers do not have the same strength and this cannot be solely established from their websites. While some are small print brokers who do not own their own manufacturing or printing equipment, others are trade printers. The majority of commercial printers do both conventional and digital printing but each company has its own uniqueness. When you search for “What We Do”, you are able to understand what these companies offer and if they are the right fit for you.

  1. Top Quality Printing

That a company has a certain equipment or interesting website is no automatic guarantee of such printer’s quality. Your judgment is critical still. Check the “Gallery” section of their websites to have visuals of what they offer. Though, there is no better thing than the real and actual work presented to you physically. Fast Printing Co. presents you with samples that highlight our capabilities and if you have a particular field of concentration, we show you works we have done in similar fields.

  1. Tenure

Recently, the print industry has experienced some significant change and many companies have had to shut their doors while others have been bought off. Make sure you identify a printer who has stood the test of time in terms of experience and how financially stable they are. You can determine which company is following the trend in technologies and the ones who invest in new equipment.

  1. Customer Service

In your search for a reputable print company, concentrate on the ones that prioritize customers’ satisfaction and seek to know how they go about this. A website that responds to every question asked and inquiries made has a customer-centric philosophy, still, you need to talk to other prospective printers and customers that have done business with them in the past. We put our customers first at Fast Printing Co. and as much as possible, we strive to exceed your expectations by answering every important question you might want to ask and promptly responding to your inquiries.

  1. Collaboration

Ensure you make your choice based on how responsive and collaborative the print company is. The company should be sensitive to your needs and be the one that listens more. We at Fast Printing Co. are all about customer collaboration and always put the customer’s needs first.

  1. Competitive Pricing

Having done all possible evaluation of a print company and you are sure within yourself that you are absolutely satisfied. Request for the printer’s pricing based on jobs you will be doing with them and compare with other printers. The difference should not be so much after all.

You can make the right business printing company choice with the tips above and when you ask us at Fast Printing Co. any question that concern the range of what your printing needs are, you can be sure you are on the right path to attaining success.


Why You Need to Have Personalized Business Stationery

Branding your name or logo on stationery will let your company name stand out against other companies who overlook the minor aspects of the business.

As a business startup or an existing one that wants to increase their ROI, many things have to be put into consideration ranging from conducting surveys to understand the likes and dislikes of your customers, to trying to get airtime on the TV or holding extreme sales, among others. All of these are great ideas that are seemingly helpful but it is more paramount to remember how important branded stationery is.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”-

Jeff Bezos, Founder of

Branding your name, logo or others on stationery is germane to the success of your business. Basically, it is what differentiates you from the rest, as in the identity that separates the serious ones from the ones who pay less attention to details of the business, in whatever industry they represent. As trivial as it seems, it has an amazing power of boosting your business in an incredible way.  

Types of Stationery to Use

You probably want to question the fact that you do not have a business that uses much stationery but you are actually using a lot more than you imagined. For example, you need to inscribe your name and logo on your business cards and you have them on you always to give to people when necessary. From there, you can be sure it would get to the reach of one or two more persons. Business cards are not just enough, and Fast Printing Co. is ready to answer every business printing need you have, ranging from formal letterhead to matching envelopes and business cards.  

Extra Benefits

As endless as are the benefits of having branded stationery for your business, the most obvious is that it ensures a market that has continuity. This is in the sense that, your business is brought to minds and thoughts every time people use the pen or pencil and paper you offer. Certainly, it is not limited to the individual you are giving it to. In the process of a friend borrowing the pen or paper, you stand a chance of being recommended to other friends and your business cards would be given to them also.

Making A Choice- Who’s The Right Printing Company?

Once you have decided to keep a printed stationery, you are then faced with the choice of doing business with the right printing company. It should interest you to know that it is not every printing place that has business concerns. Some are just used for casual deals and also, some companies are cheaper because they provide less quality printing.

At Fast Printing Co., we afford you a choice that suits your budget as well as gives the best quality, having it at the back of our minds that you intend giving a good first impression. We also offer some of the fastest turnaround times available and unbeatable customer service.

How to Create An Effective Postcard Marketing Campaign

Postcard marketing campaigns provide results that are measurable and that can be adopted for more marketing campaigns by companies that desire success.

In the traditional direct mail postcard marketing campaign, it is ideal to draw more customers’ attention as well as capture every element present. Consequently, owing to the prevalence of technology by the day, especially in conducting correspondence, consumers’ mailboxes have suffered the constant daily reception of traditional mails, as it used to be. At Fast Printing Co., with the right technology in place coupled with our bid to serving you with the best, you will be confident in the success of your campaign.

Why Does It Work?

With direct mail marketing, customers are provided with physical pieces of the mail. Moreover, a connection is established with the company as they are hanged in places where they can be easily seen in the customers’ homes. They are often reminded of a need to interact and engage with the company whenever they see the promotional marketing postcard. This interaction might be as simple as visiting the company’s website for further information.

In addition, the ideal with postcard marketing is to place a promotional message before a potential customer from the minute it is retrieved from the mailbox. Postcards should duly engage customers while an additional promotional offer to track the campaign response rate in the process by simply comparing the engagement levels of the customer with the total number of postcards given out is not a bad idea. Later on, the company can utilize the mailing list information for a particular marketing campaign for subsequent deals.

Content of a Promotional Postcard

For a successful marketing campaign, the content contained in the postcard is an essential component. It would be a total waste of time by the marketing department in their efforts to identify potential target market customers if the message on the postcard is lost in the air. Since a postcard has a small workspace, it is important to concentrate on creating engaging and inspiring content that instantly captures the attention of the potential customers at first glance.

Focus on what is expected of the potential customers when they receive the postcard, as they are clear, concise and motivating.  

The Power in Words

Just a little room in space and content is provided by postcard marketing. Because there is only a few seconds to get the customer’s attention, prioritize powerful choice of words that prompt readers to inquire about your company.

Let Fast Printing Co. be your first stop for your postcard marketing campaign. We offer high quality printing at competitive prices and some of the fastest turnaround times available online.

Why is it Important to Have a Business Card?

You might want to ask- why do I need business cards in this digital age? After all, everyone aged 0 to 100 owns some form of digital device.

Can we now say the traditional business card is old-fashioned?

The answer to this is NO- and the following reasons highlight why you should still plan to print business cards and reach out even more to customers.

  1. Digital devices do not automatically denounce the potency of business cards, which are easier and faster to give out as they contain your business contact and information.

Truly, you can send whatever information is required by your customers to them via email but that is so long a process when compared to handing them your business card.  

  1. Not everybody has digital devices.

Yes, not everybody has a smartphone yet or other forms of digital devices. Or rather if they do, they do not have it with them all the time. Same thing with computers, some do not use them on a regular basis. Selling to these set of people would be better off with business cards.

  1. No downtime with business cards.

Business cards are never inaccessible as a result of internet breakdown or dead spots. At a remote fishing camp or an industry conference, or at places where you might need to turn off your digital devices- as on planes or in hospitals, business cards are essential.

  1. A sense of legitimacy is brought to your business with business cards.

As digitized as the world has become, people would rather deal with trustworthy fellows and businesses. At Fast Printing Co. you can easily have business cards designed and printed to give out to customers and prospective customers. In a situation where interested persons are faced with businesses they do not know well enough or with less reputation to convince them, they often judge by the appearance and other people’s recommendations.

  1. With business cards, you get promotional opportunities.

You are obviously promoting your small business when you keep a business card and give it out to people, with an expectation that you will be contacted by the information on the card. Moreover, you can develop this card into a brochure which tells your customer why they should do business with you while you can even turn it into a form of a promotional item that serves the purpose of a visible daily reminder of what your business is all about.

  1. Networking is facilitated with business cards.

Business networking happens virtually lately, but as much expansion as the virtual or online networking has made, face-to-face networking has not been superseded having stood the test of time as the true method of developing business relationships and finding opportunities that abound, which in turn increases sales.

Generally, business cards are still the fastest, easiest way of sharing your business contact information with other people and prospective customers. Business cards remain one of the best ways to bring your small business to people’s reminder. Experience high quality design and printing for your business at Fast Printing Co.

Why Printed Advertising Stands Out in a Digital World

The digital world may have created many innovations, but old and proven industries like print haven’t exactly stood still, so don’t discount the power of printed content.

For the last two decades, the world has been moving at a rapid pace into a more virtualized world. Old, regularly used forms of marketing no longer have the same appeal as they once did, as people now consume content in ways that would once have been inconvincible to the average person. Today, though, many people are too fixated on the digital side of the world. For all the tech-savvy people out there who are happy to do everything online, many people still prefer the “old ways” of doing things.

This is the same in the world of business advertising. Some people still like to read the newspaper instead of a website, and many still like to get their information and advertisement through printing. Companies like Fast Printing Co help to make sure that old-school methods like printing still have a key level of relevance within the world of advertisement today.

Digital marketing is still very powerful, but print most definitely stands out as a form of marketing that you can still use to great effect today. Why, though, does print stand out in such an emboldened way in comparison to the ever-present, unstoppable tide of digital media?

Easier to Access

  • Put simply, reading something from a piece of paper with printed ink is less damaging to the eyes than a bright screen flickering at us. When we sit down to read a printed piece of content, we can take the information in easier as we are not subconsciously fighting the effects of the screen on our eyes. Therefore, reading something on-page is more likely to be taken in – less people might read it, sure, but the chances of them taking action are much higher!

Standing Out

  • In the digital world, even well-written and enjoyable content can get lost in the maelstrom of content out there. It’s easier to just search, skim or scan an online piece of content; with a book or printed article, you are more likely to read it from the first letter to the last.

Conscious Credibility

  • It’s hard to explain why, but most people find reading printed content is more credible than the internet. With the “fake news” industry so strong today and many attributing it to the conspiracy-theory fads of the internet, we see printed content as far more credible. Anyone can run a website today, and a hosting company won’t shut you down. You can’t just get anyone to print your content, though – that shows it went through at least some level of editorial control.

Universal Appeal

  • Add in the fact that print is still loved by the old-school parents and the next generation who still appreciate its vintage style (and who like to escape the computer, too) and companies like Fast Printing Co show why print is nowhere near as dead as some make it out to be.

Thanks to the development of solutions such as on-demand printing portals for simpler printing and easier management, the idea that printing is as complex and cumbersome as it was before the rise of the internet isn’t true whatsoever. The digital world may have created many innovations, but old and proven industries like print haven’t exactly stood still, so don’t discount the power of printed content.


8 Tips for Marketing with Yard Signs

yard signsWhether you are advertising for your business, school, social club, church or real estate, yard signs are a great advertising tool. There are many advantages of using yard signs for advertising that includes increased awareness, cost-effective marketing, targeted geographic focus and instant credibility through bandwagon effect. Take your outdoor advertising to the next level by following these tips for effective yard sign marketing.

Visibility of the sign – Make sure your sign is big enough and be strategic about where you place it. You want it to be seen easily.

Legibility – Never try to use fancy fonts on a yard sign. Use simple, open fonts that are easy to read such as Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, etc.

Single sided – It will be difficult to find places where traffic in both directions will be able to read your sign. Don’t compromise the visibility of the sign by trying to display both sides.

Keep it Simple – Keep your message short and clear. If possible, use five words or less on your sign. Sometimes advertising can be done with an arrow and a phone number. Omit the area code when advertising locally and try using an intersection if an address is necessary.

Include a call to action – Yard signs are put up for very specific reasons and it should be clear to viewers what you want them to do. The use of phone numbers or arrows are simple and concise in telling viewers what to do.

DON’T use your logo – This is not an opportunity for branding your business logo. Yard signs are for customer acquisition and most viewers won’t recognize your logo anyways. Because of the limited space, there won’t be a way to connect your business and your brand with your logo. Other forms of marketing are better for branding.

Reverse your colors – For example, use red on white to display your business name then reverse it and put the phone number in white on a red background. This keeps the simplicity of design, making it easy to read and easy to find the different bits of information.

Maintain white space – By maintaining 30-40% white space on your signs, you maintain legibility. Remember that your viewers are driving by so simplicity and legibility are key.

Now that you know that yard signs aren’t just for real estate agents and political candidates, the next step is choosing a trusted printing source. Fast Printing Co offers superior quality printing with some of the fastest turnaround times available online. View their yard sign options here and get started on your next outdoor marketing campaign!