5 Ways You Can Be Eco-Friendly with Your Print Marketing

With the widespread desire to be green, let’s not forget that we can be green with our print marketing. Continue reading to learn 5 ways you can be eco-friendly with your print marketing.


Some people are weary of using recycled paper for their print marketing. The truth is, it is no different for the printed, end-result and it is easier on the environment. At one-point, recycled paper was more expensive, but prices have dropped dramatically making it a smart, affordable option.


Most papers are bleached which gives paper its white color. The bleach used during this whitening process can leach into groundwater and release harmful pollutants. In addition, dioxin, a harmful byproduct, is found in products used to bleach paper. When dioxin leaches into the soil, the soil becomes toxic and is therefore toxic to everyone in the environment.


Avoid using adhesives and inks that would prevent your print marketing from being recycled in the future. Soy and vegetable inks are a great alternative to other, potentially harmful options.


Maybe you proofread your own print marketing once, but is that really enough? Enlist the help of others so you have multiple eyes proofreading and catching any errors before projects are sent to print. Errors not caught prior to printing results in a project that not only needs to be fixed, but needs to be re-printed, using twice the amount of materials.


Smaller paper results in the need of fewer resources which results in a more environmentally friendly print project. This might include smaller scale brochures, flyers, posters, and even business cards. This might not seem like much the first time, but over time, all the saved resources will add up to be a big effort in being eco-friendly.

Choosing to make your print marketing eco-friendly is not only something the environment will love, but your customers will love as well. The next time you’re working on print marketing, ask your printer how they can help you make great strides toward an eco-friendly project.

Designing Customer Calendars to Promote Your Business

Sending calendars to your customers is a great way to promote your business. When designing your next calendar, consider these key points to maximize the return on your investment.


Consider the core function of your business and your audience and choose a theme that’s fitting. An auto or tire shop might use a car theme, a financial business might use a theme that motivates their audience and provides a financially related quote each month. If you’re designing a one-page calendar on a magnet or poster, carefully choose one strong design since it will only be one image.


Stay away from stock photo images. The goal with the calendar is to relay your brand to your customers so they can feel connected to your brand. If you haven’t done so already, hire a professional to take product photos you can use for the calendar. Highlighting your products will attract customers and bring them to your business. Also make sure you use high resolution photos to get the best quality outcome of your printed, final product.


As with most things design related, keep it simple. Designs that appear busy can easily turn customers away and distract them from your message. With design and layout, choose no more than two to three fonts that complement each other. You also might include coupons or discounts in your calendar that will get customers coming your way.


Customers will enjoy a calendar that is functional and beneficial to them. Try adding an area on each month that they can write important dates and include important dates for your business on the calendar like any big sales or events you have coming up that you want customers to attend. It’s also a great idea to include holidays and add any special holiday hours so your customers can easily check it for reference.

Send to Print

Choose paper and colors that will best compliment your brand and goals of your project. If you’re unfamiliar with printing requirements such as photo quality and paper type, your professional printer can help you determine the best aspects to get the best quality printing for your calendars.