6 Ways to Engage Customers with Physical Mail

Even with all the digital marketing these days, when done right, physical mail can not only attract customers, but convert them to buyers of your products and services.

When you’re working on your next physical mail campaign, make sure to use at least a few of these 10 ways to engage your customers.


With all the email marketing out there, important messages get lost easily underneath mountains of other emails.


In making your physical mail unique, make it stand out by changing its shape or shipping it via FedEx or UPS and in a special box. Make it something that won’t be easily thrown away and that your customers will want to open right away.


Another way to make your physical mail unique is to hand write it. Yes, it takes time, but the meaningful communication to your customers will pay off in the long run. Mass produced physical mail marketing is often overlooked and thrown in the trash.


Go the extra mile and send a delivery directly to potential clients or partners. On average, your prospects receive hundreds of emails daily. To make an intentional and noticeable connection, deliver a note and a custom care package like flowers, edible flowers, or a treat.


Up your customer care game by making custom landing pages for your direct mail campaigns. You are surely to improve your return on investment by using personalized URLs.


A unique trend coming underway that is sure to catch the eye of your customers and potential customers is to use seeded paper. Seeded paper can be planted and grown into something beautiful, making a real impression on your readers.

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