Stand-out With These Sensory and Visual Print Techniques

Competition is always there, it never waivers. Make sure you stand out from the rest by using some of these fun print techniques.


We’ve all seen sensory print techniques. They’re fun and exciting especially for young kids! Imagine mood rings or pencils that are heat sensitive and change colors with touch. Flocking, and no, we don’t mean your mother’s Christmas tree, but imagine flocking your next ad to create a fuzzy feel. Or, you might even try adding a scent to your ad that is printed in a four-color process. All of these sensory printing techniques are sure to capture the attention of your consumers!


Along with sensory techniques come unique coatings that can make text, or an image feel coarse, rubbery, bumpy, or smooth. It’s a fun idea to add a textural element when your images illustrate the main point of your message. You might also try mixing coatings like metallic, foils, glossy, and glitter. Along with mixing coatings, try playing with not just a normal color palette, but something fun and bright like fluorescent colors if it meets the needs of your project and audience, of course!


We’ve all heard of metal die cuts, but what about laser die-cuts? Laser die-cutting is done with a high-speed laser that doesn’t come into contact with the material and makes precise cuts. This enables users to get even more intricate and creative with their die-cutting designs!

Embossing also provides a textural and visual element. Embossing can be raised or depressed into the material. This is a fun way to create images that are subtle yet possibly more meaningful.

These printing techniques are appealing and send messages to your consumers. Giving your consumers something that is tangible, that they can touch and feel, gives them a deeper connection to remembering your marketing materials. Spending the extra time and money toward making unique marketing materials is sure to pay off in the long run.

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