Pros and Cons of Newspaper and Magazine Print Advertising

If you’re a small business or just starting out with a new small business venture, it’s a good idea to consider print advertising and which forms will be the most beneficial to your business.

With any advertising, there are pros and cons. It’s important to do your homework on which areas of advertising deserve your money. Below are pros and cons of both newspaper and magazine print advertising.


Newspapers have been around for decades and surprisingly, even in our booming digital world, are still used to advertise. There are small local papers and large national papers. If you’re a small business in your town, chances are advertising in the local paper will go a long way to getting customers coming to your door.

The cost of newspaper print advertising will depend on the readership of that particular newspaper. Large national newspapers will charge much more than going with a community based, local newspaper. To give your business consistent exposure, consider running your ad for a set number of weeks or months which will also most likely bring down the cost of your advertising.


Inexpensive: Placing a newspaper ad is inexpensive! All you need to do is a little research to learn how to create a successful ad!

Easily interchangeable: It’s easy to change your ad from a regular running ad to something more fun and seasonal!

Various sizes and rates: Review a few newspapers you’re interested in and check their ad sizes and prices. Go with a size and price you’re comfortable with that will be effective for your ad.


Limited readership: With going green and getting news via the digital world, less and less people are reading actual print newspapers.

Poor quality: If your business is artistic or your advertising relies heavily on high quality images, newspapers might not be the way go.

Ad placement: Generally, newspapers can’t and won’t guarantee the best ad placement on any page. This is risky especially when going up against competitors.


If you have a sizable advertising budget, magazines are a better advertising option than newspapers. Magazines help communicate and sustain your brand image which is especially helpful in today’s brand driven world.


Target audience: Magazines will help you better reach your target audience. While many different people subscribe to newspapers, people subscribe to specific magazines that peak their interest.

Money: Your money is better spent in that magazine advertising is relevant for a longer period of time where people throw out their daily newspaper much sooner.

Branding: Images are higher quality which allows for better branding in your advertising.


Expensive: Magazine advertising costs more.

Scheduling: Magazines are generally once a month and magazine deadlines are generally at least six months prior to when it goes to print. If you’re in a rush to get an ad out, magazines might not be the best option. If magazines are your better option, make sure to plan ahead.

When considering doing any form of print advertising, make sure to list your pros and cons based on your business needs and advertising goals to make sure you choose the best, most successful route for your business.

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