Helpful Tips to Keep Your Branding Colors Consistent

Color consistency in your branding will help make a lasting first impression on your customers. An impression that will keep them coming back for more.

Maintain these strategies to make and keep your colors consistent.

Pantone Swatch Books

Computers give us easy, convenient access to do many tasks, but when choosing colors, it’s best to view them on a Pantone swatch book first. This is because colors on computers are much more vibrant because they use RGB (red, green, blue). If you choose colors from your computer first, matching them to a printed equivalent will prove to be a hassle. Pantone swatch books have hundreds of accurate print colors which are based on the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

Printing uses an entirely different scale of four colors which are cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (CMYK).  As you can imagine, this results in variations of colors and what you see on your computer will look different once printed.

To help with this, you can also use a Color Bridge Pantone book. This will show you a side-by-side comparison of Pantone colors versus their CMYK color. This will help you see what your chosen colors will look like when they’re printed. If your RGB and CMYK colors look very different, this will give you an opportunity to choose a Pantones that more closely match the CMYK so your branding is visually consistent whether online or in printed materials.

Test Your Colors

Different paper types, textures, finishes, and print methods can result in color variations as well. Because of this, it will be worthwhile to test your colors before finalizing your project and sending to print. Request a proof from your printer before giving the final okay to print the entire project. This will save you money and time by avoiding printing large batches of mismatched colors.

Color Matching

If your Pantone swatch book doesn’t have CMYK comparisons, it’s a good idea to do some color matching. To do this, print your Pantone in CMYK and see how it compares to your book. Then, create a grid of squares with your original swatch in the middle and then gradually change the ink values around it. This process will help you match your Pantone and you can make this grid as large as you want depending on how many colors you want.

There is no one perfect answer or solution to keeping your colors consistent. It will be time consuming and will require patience. Get your designer and printer involved in your concerns and they will set you up for success in working with your color consistency goals.

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