Important Tips to Consider When Designing Signage

With the constant use of digital marketing, it’s important not to forget the impact your signage marketing has on your success and ability in bringing customers to your business.

So, you’ve decided you need signage for an upcoming event and you’re wondering where to begin. Here is a step-by-step guide to get you on the track to success with your signage!

What is the event?

If your big event is a sale, you might consider using large banners, window clings, flags, and even yard signs all leading customers to you! Choose the type of signs that will get your customers attention. If you’re trying to catch the eye of customers driving by, large banners placed high up will be better than small signs that can hardly be seen from the road. If it is a sidewalk sale among other businesses, large window clings as well as yard signs will help you stand out. Basically, determine your event, your agenda/goal of your signage, and who your target audience is. Once you have this information, you can move to the next step.

Where is the event?

Is the event indoors or outdoors? If it is outdoors, will you have a booth under a tent or in the sun? Determining the environment of your event will help you, your designer, and printer choose the best design and materials for your signage. Will there be hundreds of other vendors or just a handful? Make sure your signage stands out from the rest so you are sure to get noticed! Otherwise, you are likely to blend in with everyone else.

Aspects to consider when designing your sign.

Cluttered signs are easily distracting. Customers will not spend the time trying to read cluttered signage. Make it clean, simple, and straight to the point. In one second, make them be able to read and see why they want to come to you!

While making your sign simple, using a couple of complementing fonts will help catch the eyes of your readers. Keep it to a minimum of two fonts. One more fun and one more clean and simple while making sure the two of them go together.

Contrasting colors will help your readers easily see your signs. While choosing colors for your signage, consider where your signs will be placed. If the area is shaded, avoid dark or grey tones that would make it hard to read the sign. If your sign is placed in full sun, choose colors that will contrast the brightness.

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