How to Choose the Right Fonts to Get Your Brochure Noticed

Having the right brochure design is a key marketing tool that helps promote your business, products, services, and events. Brochure fonts should be eye-catching and help deliver your message.

Consider These Factors

There are many important factors to consider when choosing the right font for your brochure. Assess the following factors:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What are you promoting?
  3. What is the tone of your message?
  4. What is the style?
  5. Is it easy to read?
  6. What is your brand?

The fonts you select should meet each of the needs of the above factors which will help make an impressionable, visual message to your audience. Your brochure should leave your business memorable and striking.

Font Elements

It’s no surprise that with today’s design capability, font creativity and design has come to a whole new level. While there was once a limited selection, font selection is now vast and endless. When looking at a single font, imagine that it can be bold, italicized, all caps, lowercase, and different sizes. When choosing fonts for your brochure, choose no more than a few that will cohesively go together and adjust the elements of each to get the best visual outcome.

Brochure Font Placement

Your brochure will contain headlines, sub-titles, and actual text. Search for fonts that will appeal to the eye for each placement. For example, large point, bold, sans-serif fonts are great for headlines and sub-titles. Medium-weight serif fonts are easy to read so they are better placed in the actual text of the brochure. Thoughtfully assess different fonts and choose ones that will flow together and be easy to read. Nothing will turn a reader away quicker than a page that appears cluttered and unreadable.

Don’t overlook the value in choosing the right fonts for your brochure. The right fonts will make the eye-catching statement you’re hoping for to attract customers and get them walking through your door.

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