Valuable Print Marketing Materials to Increase Sales

The value of print marketing should not be overlooked. Carefully created print marketing is a smart way to increase your business’s sales and bring customers knocking on your door.

Business Cards

The most obvious print marketing tool that should be used is a business card. Business cards serve as a networking tool providing potential customers your contact information so they can get in touch with you in the future. Make sure it isn’t just any business card though. Business cards should be thoughtfully designed so the recipient will want to hold on to it for future reference. Business cards should represent you and your business and be memorable.

Letterhead and Envelopes

Taking the time to design custom letterhead and envelopes will make your business appear more legitimate, official, and professional. Make sure to use high quality paper for your letterhead and print your logo in full color.


Catalogs are the perfect way to highlight your business’s bestselling items. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your product offerings and place them right in front of your customers. Customers tend to keep catalogs for future reference and some customers feel more comfortable using a catalog over the internet.


Another great print marketing tool is using flyers for testimonials. Customers want to read reviews and testimonials from other customers before making the decision to jump all in. Showcasing your testimonials and reviews will create confidence in your potential buyers.

Thank You Cards

A customers last point of contact shouldn’t be when they walk out the door. Customers value a follow up thank you card expressing your appreciation for their business. Include a discount for future purchases and that thank you card is likely to bring them walking back in.

Choose an experienced print company that you can rely on to do a quality job. After all, print marketing can generate leads, sales, and help you meet goals so don’t leave the job up to just anyone!

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