5 Tips to Up Your Door Hanger Marketing Game

Little do people know that door hanger marketing gets your target audience to view your company on a whole new level. Here are 5 tips to help you succeed in using door hanger marketing for your business.

1. Goal

Be concise in developing your goal for using door hanger marketing. For example, let’s say you’re a lawn care company your goal might be “generate 80 sales of our premium lawn care package” rather than simply saying, “we want to make more money”. Having a specific goal will help you properly create your door hanger to help you achieve that goal.

2. Special Offer

If you don’t offer a special deal with your door hanger marketing, you may as well kiss your efforts goodbye. As much as 40 percent of your door hanger campaign’s success will rely on having an offer. When determining your deal, make sure it helps you achieve your goal, leaves room for profit, and is only offered for a limited time so customers are encouraged to respond.

3. Writing and Design

The writing and design of your door hanger must attract and maintain the attention of your readers! Your door hanger should include a bold headline, a statement that creates urgency for response, and a call to action that will leave your customers feeling compelled to contact you right away. In terms of design, it should be clean and easy to read. The offer should be readily available to see bringing it right to your customers. Also, the better you can make your writing and design different from your competitors, the more likely your door hanger and business will stand out.

4. Target Audience

Your door hanger will only be as good as your distribution list. If you place your door hangers on doors of customers that don’t fit your market, you can plan on not having success with your campaign. Make sure to determine the demographics of your target audience like age, gender, location, buying habits, hobbies and interests. Once you have this information, you can carefully select your distribution list to maximize the return on your campaign.

5. Print Quality

After spending all this time and effort on your door hanger, don’t lose momentum by going cheap on your print quality. Door hangers should be printed double-sided in full color and on 12pt gloss paper. Also, prior to printing don’t forget to check for spelling errors!

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