Save Money by Avoiding These 5 Business Printing Mistakes

With years of experience across the printing industry, there is no reason to make simple yet costly mistakes. Spelling errors, bleed issues, and poor resolution can be detrimental.

Make sure to avoid these 5 common printing mistakes when working on your next print project.

  1. Read it Over!

Every one of us has fallen victim to spelling errors and usually lousy spelling errors. Errors that shouldn’t have been made or missed! Like using there instead of their or using principal when you should have used principle. While we are sure you’re great at spelling, history tells us that you can never have too many people double-check the proof.

  1. Make it Legible

It’s one thing to remove all the typos, but how legible is it really? Is it cluttered and busy? Are the words and images distracting from the main message? Remove anything limiting legibility. While all those people are double-checking your proof, also obtain feedback from them on the legibility of the design. Avoid hard-to-read fonts and low contrast backgrounds and you will be well on your way to a perfect design.

  1. Resolution Mistakes

Your target resolution range should be 300-400ppi. Anything below or above this can be too much or too little to work with. It can leave your design blurry giving the impression that your company is disorganized.

  1. Add a Bleed!

When a bleed is not added to a design, your printed, finished product will look much different than what appeared on the computer. For standard documents, there should be a minimum 3mm bleed. If you unfamiliar with how to do this correctly, reach out to your printer.

  1. Hire an Expert

When you’re in a bind, it is easy to choose your first printing option. However, when making other important decisions in life, do you choose your first option? Or do you shop around looking for the best service, experience, and rates? Due diligence is key in finding the best printer for the job.

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