Greeting Card Marketing: 5 Things You Need to Know

Creating a high-quality greeting card can go a long way to help augment your marketing goals and ambitions. Because of this, it’s critical you do it right the first time.

  1. Make it Legible

Make sure everything is spelled correct and aligned in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Marketing that appears cluttered or busy is distracting and likely to disengage your readers.

  1. Tis the Season

Who is your audience? Make sure you know your audience prior to using greeting card marketing so you can fully connect with them. Birthday and Christmas cards are extremely popular, but so are wedding cards, anniversary cards, and general congratulations cards. In addition to those, holiday cards for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Thanksgiving are also popular. Whatever card you use, make sure you use the right card for the right target audience.

  1. Paper is Preferred

With being well into the digital age, many greetings are sent via social media, email, and text message. However, many recipients still prefer a tangible item they can hold in their hands. This single piece of paper must be able to deliver a message that makes the recipient feel valued. Be committed to using the right colors, fonts, paper weight, and texture.

  1. Customize Your Creation

Your readers want to feel valued and want to receive a meaningful message. Rather than sending out mass, generalized, and impersonal cards, take your time to make it more customized to your viewership.

  1. Deliver to Your Demographics

If you have a female customer base, greeting card marketing is a great way to go. 80% of all greeting cards are bought by women which means that women value and appreciate greeting cards. Personalize your greeting card marketing to your demographics and your marketing efforts are sure to take you a long way.

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