Why Business Cards Still Matter in a Digital World

For years, business has been heading into a primarily digital world. You might think in a digital world that printed business cards are not important, but think again.

Giving and receiving business cards is a critical tool when networking. The chances of remembering someone’s information are slim to none. Which is why handing out a business card that a recipient can jot a few notes on and place in their pocket is key to landing you that call or email from them in the future.

Picture this, you’re at a conference, convention, or maybe you randomly meet someone and strike a conversation that leads them to possibly being your newest client. They ask for your contact information and suddenly, you awkwardly stumble reaching for your pockets checking for a pen to scribble your information down on the closest napkin. Not only do you appear unprofessional and unorganized, you may have very likely just lost a prime business opportunity.

Now, imagine this. Instead of the previous scenario, as you’re ending a great business conversation, you reach for your thoughtfully and professional designed business cards and hand them one. You’ve just given them something tangible. Something that they can hold in their hands or reach for in a moment’s notice and very easily and quickly pass along to colleagues, family, and friends. They’ve been left with a positive impression of you that will likely lead them to contacting you in the future which is a win-win for everyone involved.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, here are some other benefits of business cards to keep in mind:

  1. Because of the highly digital age we are in today, business professionals are overwhelmed and inundated with emails making it extremely easy to lose your email of contact information in their already existing sea of emails.
  2. Business cards are always available and never have downtime whereas the Internet has outages and dead zones.
  3. Business cards are a representation of the face of your business. A custom designed business card not only has your contact information, but it also highlights your brand and personality making you memorable.
  4. For every 2,000 business cards you pass out, you can expect sales to increase an average of 2.5%.
  5. Last but not least, business cards are affordable. Business cards are a way to promote yourself and your business without breaking the bank and you can be confident that you will recoup business card expenses and more since they will help you increase sales.

10 billion business cards are printed in the United States every year! That just goes to show they are not a dying business marketing tool. Don’t leave yourself and your business behind by thinking printed business cards are a way of the past.

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