6 Tips to Design a Business Brochure That Will Sell

When putting together a high quality business brochure, it’s very important that you take the right path to creation.

The visuals of a brochure often do much of a selling, so the design element should arguably take a higher precedence than dealing with the writing itself. While the writing sells, too, the design element is arguably the biggest draw.

In a bid to help you make the right business brochure with a company like the Fast Printing Co, then, here are some suggestions for you to consider when it comes to brochure development.

  1.         KISS. The best thing that you can do is keep it simple and functional. Going for an overly elaborate design is going to put people off, and being unnecessarily abstract with color choice and the like will likely only annoy and irritate. Make the choice to keep things nice and simple, and you should enjoy much greater results overall.
  2.         Geometry Wins. Keeping with that simple approach, stick to high quality geometry and you should be far more likely to see a positive result. Geographic shapes tend to make it easier for you to put together a cool image; the kind that is going to properly sell your brochure. These smart little cutouts and shapes can be the difference between becoming part of the coffee table, or someone taking in every word!
  3.         Material Matters. Another reason why materials matter so much is the importance of how it feels in the hand of the reader. Don’t always just go for that shiny plastic-feeling paper; vary it up and use something that is more in-fitting with the brand ideology and the general mannerism that you wish to portray.
  4.         Vary the Shape. Instead of just going for the standard book layout, make your shape much more professional and endearing. The classic accordion style is very popular too, and can be a good choice if you want something that folds out and is easy to follow in a more chronographic manner.
  5.         Use Inserts. While most people associate the 3D insert with a kids’ art book, to say that is simplistic is being polite. Using inserts, you can easily make the right kind of impression on your readership and make sure that they have fair and ample reason to come back time and time again. Thanks to using inserts, you can make the perfect kind of example shine bright. They help to add an artistic depth that those sticking to more basic shapes cannot match.
  6.         Small Shapes. Another nice change is to just alter the shape – instead of an all-square brochure, circle off the edges and make the whole thing look a bit more welcoming. The more that you can do to make it stand out from the crowd, the more likely it is that your brochure is going to have the impact intended.

Do this for long enough, and you can make the kind of artistic impact that is needed to get people to open up those pages and take a note of what you are saying. It’s the small steps that can lead you to making the big leaps, so don’t underestimate the power of the above creative details: the can make all the difference.


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