Business Card Designs are more bizarre than ever!

Business cards are one of the most prominent and effective forms of business advertisement.

As such, they naturally hold a really major position in the world of business card marketing and design. For years, companies like the Fast Printing Co have helped businesses to take their designs to a new level.

That being said, business card designers are getting wackier than ever. With people having to be more creative than ever to stand out from the crowd, though, it makes sense. If you try and go with the old basic business card, you run the risk of just falling in with all the other generic looks out there.

With that in mind, it’s important that you start paying attention to the bizarre new business card era that we have entered. If you want to make the most of your business then you need to do this, as failing to do so can see you just fall into mediocrity.

To avoid that ever-irritating fall into nothingness and to simply be forgotten by those you network with, unique business card designs make the perfect opportunity to correct that. How can you get inspired by your business card, though?

Business Card Designs: Get Inspired

  •         Look at your industry. Always take a look at your actual industry. If you were in the toy industry, for example, a small block of LEGO designed with your contact details on there is a major winner. This, too, could work for a construction company. If you were to be involved in a plumbing company or a water company, then having it plastered onto the side of a bottle of water can make a good marketing gimmick, too. Always look to your industry for inspiration first and foremost.
  •         Learn from the best. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of inspiration when it comes to business marketing. Always look to see some zany ideas online; so long as you aren’t ripping off the business down the street, get inspired by the work of others. For example, one we seen for a problem solving company was a little business card that also doubled as a little puzzle maze that you had to run a paperclip through to get to the end – quirky yet endearing and awesome.
  •         Be your Brand. The worst thing you can do is fall out of your brand message, though. Always make sure that you stick to the idea of making sure that you use the same kind of language and typography of your actual brand. Don’t just go for a whole new look: it might be a unique business card, but it 100% has to fit with the actual brand ideology that you portray.
  •         Get shaped. The best thing you can do is make sure that your card is not just the usual rectangular shape. Why? Because shaping a card allows for it to be more easily found. For example, we seen someone who ran a pet shop that had cut their business card into the shape of a dog bone. That’s much easier found in the pocket than a simple rectangle, right?

The aim of the game is always to be as creative as possible. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to succeed!


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