A Quick Guide to Paper Stock – What is Best For You?

When trying to choose the right paper stock, you can find it hard to know if the choice you are making is of the right quality.

When choosing any other kind of printing material at the Fast Printing Co, we want you to get all the help that you need to really take this an extra step further. With the help of making the right choice of paper thickness, you can make sure you can create the right impression.

So, today, the three most common choices are 14pt, 16pt and 100lb. These three varieties are massively different to one another in their own subtle ways, and making the right choice can be very important. Read through this, and you should find making a choice on paper stocks is much simpler!

14pt Card Stocks

The first option that you should take a look at is 14pt card stocks. These are usually used for business and post cards, and often does a good job to help make a sleek, relatively durable piece of card. If you are looking for a high quantity order, then this can be the most affordable choice – just don’t expect every piece of card to be super-solid. These easily work as the right choice for those who are looking for a card type they can hand out en masse, and can be printed in large quantities.

If you are looking to mass produce business cards and promo offers, then this can be a fine place to start with. They usually fit in just about any standard card holder, too, so you should find it much easier to hand them out and to see people actually keep hold of the card.

16pt Card Stocks

The next option is the much thicker, more luxurious and stylish 16pt card. Many people choose to go for this when creating exclusive offers and limited volumes of card. They are much more durable than the other, albeit with the fact it costs you more to have them produced.

They are great for a big business that wants to make a major impression, with a really thick and instantly memorable feel to the card making them a fine choice for those who want to make a big impression.

They usually come with a matte finish, too, which further adds to the general luxury and grandeur of the card. It looks good, feels great and really should impress just about everyone who you hand the card over to!

100lb Card Stocks

Often, 100lb card stocks can be a fine choice for those who want a very thin, stylish and environmentally friendly option. These are very thin paper stocks that look excellent when used in catalogs, brochures and similar styles. They often look great and can be used to help make easily folded over content like menus.

It’s much more cost-effective and easy to print in bulk, as well!

While making the choice is, more or less a personal one for your business, you can find that this make it much easier for you to find the kind of card stocks that you need without having to waste much time deciding what the best fit is for your business.

Take the time to look into all three, and you might just find the perfect card selection needed!

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