Increase Sales with These Printed Marketing Materials

In business, first impressions really do matter, which is why so many companies are hiring printing experts to create eye-catching printed marketing materials.

In the business world, getting noticed is much harder than a lot of people seem to realize. This is why marketing and advertising plays such a crucial role in many a company’s business strategy. Currently, the demand for professional print companies such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ is greater than ever, but what are some of the best printed marketing materials to have at your disposal? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Business Brochures

First on our list, we have business brochures. Business brochures are ideal because not only do they serve as a form of advertising for your company by boldly displaying your company name, colors, and logo on the front, but inside they also market goods and services. A business brochure can contain as many pages as you like, with each page offering something useful to the reader, about the business in general.

Business cards

Business cards have been used for decades, centuries in fact, and for good reason. Business cards are ideal because they serve as a very convenient form of advertising. You can hand business cards out at meetings with prospective customers, you can give them to acquaintances, you can pin them to notice boards, and you can even include them with current orders. Business cards display your company name, your logo, your business colors, and your contact info. They offer a clear and concise look at your company by displaying a very simple message. You can have thousands of business cards printed for you by print companies like ‘Fast Printing Co’ so there is literally no excuse for not having a business card in close proximity to you at all times.


Decades ago, catalogs were all the range in the business world, as even the smallest of businesses utilized them. Then, along came the internet and digital marketing, and fewer and fewer businesses used them. Despite this, studies have found that business catalogs still have their place in the world of marketing and advertising. You see, catalogs are ideal because they can be sent out to potential customers and can be used by them to order products from you. As well as that, they also serve as a great way of displaying exactly what it is that you have on offer. Another great thing about a catalog is the fact that customers are more likely to hang onto it for longer, so they will always be reminded of your business whenever they see it, and they will be more likely to use it when they want something that you have to offer.

Envelopes and letterheads

If you really want to give your business a professional feel, custom printed letterheads and envelopes are perfect. By displaying a bold and colorful logo at the top of your letters and envelopes, and while using top quality paper, customers instantly know who you are, and will also likely take you more seriously.


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