4 Things You Are Doing Wrong with Your Postcard Marketing

Thought that a postcard was merely something you sent to your friends and family members back home as you relax on vacation? Think again!

Postcards can also serve as a powerful form of marketing and advertising for your business, providing you get them right. A good postcard for marketing purposes should be eye-catching, it should look professional, it should be easy to read, and it should convey a simple message. Get your postcard marketing campaign right, and your business will almost certainly benefit as a result. Get it wrong, and you could be out of pocket with nothing to show for it. If your postcard marketing campaign isn’t working effectively, check out these mistakes you could potentially be making.

Utilizing stock photos

Stock photos in some instances can be very useful, but when it comes to postcard marketing, that isn’t the case. Yes, we all know that stock images are useful, but they are also fairly generic, plus there is always the risk that other businesses will have used the same images. Stock images are cheesy, and they give the impression that you are cutting corners and looking for a quick and easy fix. You want to give your business that personal touch and feel, which is why you should go with a professional digital image. There are plenty of photographers you could hire to get the image you want for your postcard, so avoid going down the easy route with stock images.

Going for a single mailing

Postcard dropping through letterboxes is a very effective form of marketing, but you must ensure that you are consistent. A lot of companies make the mistake of having cards drawn up by companies such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ and just go with a single posting. Ideally you should have a series of cards drawn up, and you should create an entire campaign. This doesn’t mean that you should post a card through somebody’s letterbox every single day, or week for that matter, but try to ensure that, every month or so, you drop a fresh card through somebody’s door. This helps them to familiarize themselves with your company name and logo, and it helps build credibility for you.

Not hiring professionals – Another common mistake made by businesses and individuals looking to promote themselves is to try to create postcards themselves, rather than have professionals create them instead. Yes, there are advanced printing techniques and pieces of editing software you can purchase, that will help create good postcards, but you don’t want good, you want great. When it comes to postcard marketing, never try to cut corners by doing things yourself. Professionals such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ do this for a living, so leave it in their very capable hands.

Leaving one side blank

When having a marketing postcard created, it’s important that you utilize both sides of the card. One side should have contact details, address, and so on, whereas the other can be used to display bold text and colourful images.


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