A Complete Guide to Effective Brochure Marketing

As a business owner, marketing is, without any question of doubt, one of the strongest tools you can potentially have at your disposal.

Notice how we said potentially? That’s because it isn’t always guaranteed to be effective. If you get your marketing wrong, or are not consistent, in all honesty it won’t get you or your business very far. There are many forms of marketing currently in existence, and covering them all in depth would take an age. So, for that reason, we are going to focus on one specific piece of marketing today, and that is brochure marketing. Brochure marketing is basically a form of printing marketing in which a business will hire a printing company such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ and will have them print out a series of professional brochures that market the business and/or specific products or services. If you want to ensure your marketing campaign is a success however, you must ensure that your brochure is effective. Check out these tips on creating effective marketing brochures.

Give the reader a reason to look inside – Remember, a brochure is not the same as a poster, a brochure contains several pages, with each page marketing the business in some way or another. You therefore, need your readers to look inside your brochure to see all of the content you have in there. How do you do this? Well, to begin with you need to ensure that the cover is eye-catching, as that is the first thing that they will see. This is where it pays to hire printing experts such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ as they will know what is needed to create an eye-catching, yet professional, front cover to a marketing brochure.

Don’t get too technical – A lot of the time, you will find that businesses make the mistake of trying to get too technical with their marketing jargon. They’re so obsessed with trying to look professional to their readers that they throw in overly technical jargon and business terminology that even seasoned business veterans would struggle to understand. When creating marketing content, get inside your reader’s heads and think like the reader. Would you rather be faced with complex and technical jargon that you can’t understand, or would you rather have simple content that puts a message across, which you also happen to be able to understand?

Don’t forget a contents page – If you happen to have a brochure of 8 pages or more, experts recommend a contents page. A contents page, written in bold, perhaps numbered or bulleted, should be separate from the other content and it should basically tell your reader which content your brochure contains, and on which page. Again, if you hire printing experts like ‘Fast Printing Co’ they’ll be able to take care of the contents page for you.

Briefly describe your products or services – When you have a brochure created, you have it created for a reason. Whether you are marketing yourself, specific services, or a product or products, make sure you briefly describe the key selling points. Again, bullet points and/or sub-headings are useful.


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