Design an Outstanding Business Flyer with These 10 Tips

Are you looking to develop a high-quality business flyer? Then it needs some very specific design additions to make it stand out.

Flyers are, despite what some people say, still a very strong way to advertise your business. When designed and printed by companies like Fast Printing Co, you can make sure that the job is carried out in a manner befitting of your needs as a professional.

To help you make the right call, then, here are ten tips to follow along with to make sure your flyer designs rock.

  1. Start off by making sure there is a clear functionality to the design. Most of the time, you need it to be easy to look at and striking enough to catch the eye. Ensure details and key points are crystal-clear.
  2. It’s a good idea to use grids to help make sure information is broken into clear points of interest. From the information points to describing your company aims through to pricing and contact details, use gridding to separate it accordingly.
  3. Know your audience. Take a closer look at what your ideal target is going to be and try to work towards that. Look at something a bit more minimalistic in a corporate environment, a little more outrageous for creative industries.
  4. That being said, you shouldn’t acquiesce to create something dull and boring for the reader. Go that extra mile and make sure that the flyer content is still interesting; use brand-specific colors and imagery that perfectly details the point in the first place.
  5. Get inspired by modern technology. When you use a mobile app, what do you hate? Cluttered user interfaces. Make sure your flyer follows the same principle, with efficient information display and easy-to-read fonts that avoid clashing or contrasting.
  6. Make it optimistic – from someone hopping around the dancefloor to promote a night club event to a happy person celebrating their success for a training program, capture the emotion you expect the person viewing the flyer to feel if they attend.
  7. If you want to use an image as the main focal point of the flyer, do so. Use it as the background image and build the rest of the design on top of that, instead of re-sizing and shoehorning the image in.
  8. Use smart shape design to help make text stand out, present calls to action and various other aspects to help make the flyer a little more attractive to potential readers; geometry can really help sell the point of the flyer!
  9. Feel the flyer is a bit too sombre/upbeat, depending on the message being presented? Then add in a little dashing of color. Reducing the mood with deep colors makes sense, as does lightening the tone with bright, optimistic colors.
  10.  Lastly, try and keep it nice and artistic for the aim that it might be kept. With a cool design or something a bit more innovative, you are likely to get your flyer kept. The longer it stays in their possession, the more likely they are to take action on it!

Keeping all of the above in mind, then, you can surely see how easy it is to take things to a whole new level from an artistic sense.


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