Marketing with Door Hangers: 8 Steps to Success

For anyone looking to utilize the power of door hangers, it pays to work with the right style.

Door hangers are great for easy marketing and getting people’s attention in an indirect, almost subconscious manner. Thanks to the rather specific subtlety that they offer, though, getting to grips with door hangers can be tough work indeed.

Marketed incorrectly, they are very easy to miss. Companies such as Fast Printing Co can make sure you have intelligent and easy to spot door hangers, but there is still a system to making sure it works out as intended. Want to make your door hangers work properly? Then start by trying the following:

8 Steps to Door Hanger Success

  1. Start off by knowing what the actual aim of the door hanging campaign is. That’s a simple but very obvious place to start; try and work out what your aim is. Do you want responses? Do you want more sales? Do you wish to improve response rates? Know what metrics to research to determine the effectiveness of the campaign.
  2. Also, create a special offer. Ensure it offers great value to the customer but also gives you the chance to profit from it without having to sell too many to cover the promotion. Make sure it’s limited by time, too, so that people are more inclined to take direct action.
  3. Make sure the copy on the ad is as clear as possible, with a clear call to action and a time-limited response to encourage them to take action now.
  4. Work with a design company like Fast Printing Co to help put in place a brand-specific theme and design. This design should match the overall mood of the advertising with clear points of interest and calls to action on things like price and purchase details.
  5. Develop a clear list of who it is being aimed at. While you cannot make sure only people who fit that demographic see it, you can look to help make it specific to certain ages, income groups, locations, personalities and specific hobbies and interests to be rather more targeted.
  6. Get them printed out as soon as you can with a printing company. Get a proof copy before you have the full order printed out though so that you can look fo errors, mistakes and things you might wish to change prior to commencing the order and printing them out.
  7. Have them distributed using a third party company or your own company staff to get them out and about as soon as possible. If your budget is tight, you can always take the time to do it yourself – the choice is yours.
  8. Then, take the time to let the campaign run, looking out for errors in the marketing campaign as it goes. Are you seeing an improvement on the metrics aimed for in Step #1? Or do you need to consider making adjustments to try and make that possible?

With this in mind, you should find it much easier to put in place a professional door hanger marketing campaign that has the best chance of being a lasting, profitable success.


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