Merge Print with Your Digital Advertising to Boost Marketing

For any business today, print advertising is one of the most powerful and accessible ways to help promote and improve the visibility of your business.

However, with the rise of digital and social media marketing, it’s vital that you can find time and budget for both. They are two of the largest platforms for boosting business that exist, so it’s vital that you make the most of them.

Bringing both disciplines together, though, can be a bit more challenging than you would have presumed. To help you do so, here is a list of simple tips that can help you to merge print with digital advertising to help create a best-of-both-worlds scenario.

Merging Print with Digital Advertising

  •         Start off by getting around the idea of having the same potential outcome for both kinds of marketing: the people should always be your primary focus. Making people the focus makes obvious sense as it can make it much easier for you to develop your digital advertising as required. For a start, you should begin to offer people invitations to go to your social media pages on you print advertising; if they do, they can get access to discounts, promotions and a whole lot else.
  •         Use your digital media platforms to help retain loyalty, while using print media to get people interested in the first place. Get them interested by showing that you are doing a live video Q&A session or a tutorial program online that anyone who comes to will get the chance to win prizes/get discounts etc.
  •         Don’t be afraid to use hashtags on your print media either, too. Hashtags are easy to search for online and can be a good way to make the topic being discussed either to feel more personable to the user. Do yourself a favor and invest in using your digital advertising campaigns involving hashtags and the like online; it can be very useful for helping to create a buzz that people can easily search for and join in with.
  •         Put your web address, social media handles and contact details on everything. From little pin badges that you hand out at conventions to going on business cards and flyers, you can combine the appeal of print media with an easy way to let them come and find out more for themselves on social media about what you can offer them – a huge winner in many respects.
  •         Use your logo and your overall brand voicing on everything, whether you are talking about a flyer or a website post. Make sure all of your offline media makes the most of your online branding that you use; color schemes, logos, fonts etc. to help really make sure that your print and digital media can become interchangeable and easy to recognize.
  •         Make sure that you make it clear if you use things like Mogl, as it gives people yet more opportunities to take their interest online after learning about you online and benefit through money-off promotions.

Using all of the above, you can make a big difference to the way that your business operates. It takes a lot of work, for sure, but a combination between print and normal media can really help to strengthen your brand credentials in a big way.


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