Why Printed Advertising Stands Out in a Digital World

The digital world may have created many innovations, but old and proven industries like print haven’t exactly stood still, so don’t discount the power of printed content.

For the last two decades, the world has been moving at a rapid pace into a more virtualized world. Old, regularly used forms of marketing no longer have the same appeal as they once did, as people now consume content in ways that would once have been inconvincible to the average person. Today, though, many people are too fixated on the digital side of the world. For all the tech-savvy people out there who are happy to do everything online, many people still prefer the “old ways” of doing things.

This is the same in the world of business advertising. Some people still like to read the newspaper instead of a website, and many still like to get their information and advertisement through printing. Companies like Fast Printing Co help to make sure that old-school methods like printing still have a key level of relevance within the world of advertisement today.

Digital marketing is still very powerful, but print most definitely stands out as a form of marketing that you can still use to great effect today. Why, though, does print stand out in such an emboldened way in comparison to the ever-present, unstoppable tide of digital media?

Easier to Access

  • Put simply, reading something from a piece of paper with printed ink is less damaging to the eyes than a bright screen flickering at us. When we sit down to read a printed piece of content, we can take the information in easier as we are not subconsciously fighting the effects of the screen on our eyes. Therefore, reading something on-page is more likely to be taken in – less people might read it, sure, but the chances of them taking action are much higher!

Standing Out

  • In the digital world, even well-written and enjoyable content can get lost in the maelstrom of content out there. It’s easier to just search, skim or scan an online piece of content; with a book or printed article, you are more likely to read it from the first letter to the last.

Conscious Credibility

  • It’s hard to explain why, but most people find reading printed content is more credible than the internet. With the “fake news” industry so strong today and many attributing it to the conspiracy-theory fads of the internet, we see printed content as far more credible. Anyone can run a website today, and a hosting company won’t shut you down. You can’t just get anyone to print your content, though – that shows it went through at least some level of editorial control.

Universal Appeal

  • Add in the fact that print is still loved by the old-school parents and the next generation who still appreciate its vintage style (and who like to escape the computer, too) and companies like Fast Printing Co show why print is nowhere near as dead as some make it out to be.

Thanks to the development of solutions such as on-demand printing portals for simpler printing and easier management, the idea that printing is as complex and cumbersome as it was before the rise of the internet isn’t true whatsoever. The digital world may have created many innovations, but old and proven industries like print haven’t exactly stood still, so don’t discount the power of printed content.


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