8 Tips for Marketing with Yard Signs

yard signsWhether you are advertising for your business, school, social club, church or real estate, yard signs are a great advertising tool. There are many advantages of using yard signs for advertising that includes increased awareness, cost-effective marketing, targeted geographic focus and instant credibility through bandwagon effect. Take your outdoor advertising to the next level by following these tips for effective yard sign marketing.

Visibility of the sign – Make sure your sign is big enough and be strategic about where you place it. You want it to be seen easily.

Legibility – Never try to use fancy fonts on a yard sign. Use simple, open fonts that are easy to read such as Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, etc.

Single sided – It will be difficult to find places where traffic in both directions will be able to read your sign. Don’t compromise the visibility of the sign by trying to display both sides.

Keep it Simple – Keep your message short and clear. If possible, use five words or less on your sign. Sometimes advertising can be done with an arrow and a phone number. Omit the area code when advertising locally and try using an intersection if an address is necessary.

Include a call to action – Yard signs are put up for very specific reasons and it should be clear to viewers what you want them to do. The use of phone numbers or arrows are simple and concise in telling viewers what to do.

DON’T use your logo – This is not an opportunity for branding your business logo. Yard signs are for customer acquisition and most viewers won’t recognize your logo anyways. Because of the limited space, there won’t be a way to connect your business and your brand with your logo. Other forms of marketing are better for branding.

Reverse your colors – For example, use red on white to display your business name then reverse it and put the phone number in white on a red background. This keeps the simplicity of design, making it easy to read and easy to find the different bits of information.

Maintain white space – By maintaining 30-40% white space on your signs, you maintain legibility. Remember that your viewers are driving by so simplicity and legibility are key.

Now that you know that yard signs aren’t just for real estate agents and political candidates, the next step is choosing a trusted printing source. Fast Printing Co offers superior quality printing with some of the fastest turnaround times available online. View their yard sign options here and get started on your next outdoor marketing campaign!


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