How to Design Outstanding Business Cards

Business Card Design

Think of all the business cards out there, exchanging hands in various situations all over the globe. What is their purpose? How do you make yours stand out and leave an impression? A business card should contain basic information about you and your work as well as encouraging the receiver to follow up with you in some way. The design is crucial in making that impact on potential customers.

An outstanding business card uses its creative design to stand out and represent your brand while also conveying a little piece of personality in a way that is memorable. Every decision in the design, from the paper choice to the printing process, should be carefully thought out to reflect the personality of your brand.

Plan – Make sure that you have a clear idea about what image you want to reflect for your business. Think about your clients or target audience and what will stand out to a potential client or customer. Consider what is important to them.

Choose Contact Information – Finalize the card’s basic written information. Avoid cluttering your card with every website, email, phone number and social media platform with which you or your business can be reached. Whether you choose to include a map, address, social media, QR code or other information, keep it simple and relevant.

Company Name and Logo – This is where creativity comes into play. Using your logo or brand, design the face of your business card to convey personality, relay a feeling, and leave a lasting impression of your brand. Make purposeful choices in color, typography and layout.

Adding Supportive Text – A tagline or call to action is often a creative choice that is included on a business card. This gives you an opportunity to tell the customer why they should contact you. This is not always the best creative choice for every business but if you choose to include supportive text, it should not be taken lightly. It must be relevant, short and impactful.

Choose a Material – How you present your business’ brand and information is every bit as important as the information itself. To stand out, don’t choose cheap, flimsy paper. Consider high-quality paper, recycled material, textured stock, metal, or a unique shape.

Instead of using a template, create something totally unique and custom-made for your business. If creative design still isn’t your strong-suit, entrust the designers at Fast Printing Co to work with you and generate the perfect business card for you!

Fast Printing Co promises superior quality printing, fast turnaround and great customer service for all your business printing needs. They also have an experienced design team to design an outstanding logo or business card for you. Call today at 801-336-1533.


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