Create a Marketing Calendar to Help Customers Connect With Your Brand

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Even with dozens of tech options available for scheduling and tracking your to-do’s, most people still rely heavily on the good old pen and paper. Even those who use these apps and other technology to help stay organized will still have a calendar on the wall in the office or at home.

Calendars a great option for Christmas or other holiday gifts for customer appreciation that you can send out with hopes that it will stick around longer than another piece of paper marketing. A useful option like a calendar will be used and seen daily, turning your brand into a basic part of your customer’s day.

Let’s look at some great tips on how to produce a calendar that won’t end up in the trash.

Don’t Make It Too “Sales-y”

Other items like flyers, brochures and postcards are the time to push promotional items and make sales fast. Make your calendar all about brand recognition and building a bond between your customer and your brand and company.

Make the Images Relevant

The images you include should make sense to the customer, rather than confuse them. Choose images that identify with your target audience and represent something that you stand for as a company. Consider things like local sports teams, scenic pictures that identify with the area, inspirational phrases or activities that you know your audience enjoys.


The idea of the marketing calendar is to have it showcased and seen by as many people as possible, as frequently as possible. Make it something worth showcasing! Building brand awareness is a huge part of staying engaged and relevant with customers.

Printed materials are a great way to get your message and your brand across to both potential and returning customers. There is a bit of credibility associated with the tangible notes from your company as opposed to those same messages found online. By creating and sending out something useful, like a business calendar, you increase the chance of your brand being exposed rather than tossed.

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