7 Tips to Create a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Direct-Mail-MarketingDirect mail campaigns are a key tool in the overall marketing plans of many businesses. When planned, executed and refined correctly, they can be a very effective way of gaining visibility with tangible and measurable results. Here are a few smart tactics to help you create a direct mail campaign that brings in results without breaking the bank.

  1. Make a Message that Sticks – Direct mail is as close to face-to-face communication as you can get. Your message is being held in your prospective customer’s hand. Your message should be well-designed, with a sense of urgency that focuses on the main purpose and benefits. You need to catch their attention before the piece of mail gets trashed.
  2. Create an Easy and Direct Call to Action – Once you have their attention, don’t squander it. Make the message time-sensitive and create a buzz that can’t be turned down. Your call to action should be clear, concise and easy to act on in order to pull in the results that you need.
  3. Personalize Your Pieces – Personalize your entire message as much as possible. Do not limit this to just the envelope or introduction; insert the consumer’s name as often as is reasonable. Adding pictures of you, your staff, your trucks, etc. can also help to make a personal connection with your consumer. Another way to personalize is to send birthday coupons, maps from their location to yours, gender-based designs, reminders of the customers’ anniversary with your business or include geographic messages and images that resonate with a customer in a certain place.
  4. Make Mailers Useful – Put your message on a notepad, a refrigerator magnet, a calendar or some other useful media. This will give it another reason to not be trashed immediately. Think of an additional use for the mailer that the consumers can use where the message will be seen a number of times.
  5. Identify Your Target – Where will you be sending your pieces and why? The narrower your target audience, the more effective your campaign will be because your message and offer will resonate more clearly.
  6. Combine Online and Offline Marketing – Make sure that your online marketing campaign is up to date and effective. Include your web address, social media platforms or even a QR code on your mailer to direct the consumer to find more information about your company.
  7. Consider the Medium – What will your message be delivered on? Postcards are an effective medium for many products because there is no barrier (envelope) between the consumer and the message. However, an oversized envelope a bulky envelope or a catalog can produce positive results.

Direct mail offers an affordable, effective way to engage consumers who would be interested in your business. By placing your carefully crafted message directly in their hands, you can expect to see a great return on your investment. Fast Printing Co offers superior quality printing and great customer service. Choose from many printing options including flyers, postcards, envelopes, letterhead and notepads with some of the fastest turnaround times available and backed with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.

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