What Makes An Effective Business Flyer?


If you’re planning to create a business flyer to drum up sales, to announce a new product or service, or to advertise a special deal, you will want to make sure that your time and money is well-spent and your flyer brings in a good response. Here are nine important tips to help you make a winning business flyer.

  1. Capture the audience with a snappy headline – In a short phrase or sentence, explain exactly what the flyer is about and how it will benefit the reader. This is important and you should spend some time on this step. Make the statement bold and clearly define your offer.
  2. Make your points easily identifiable – Boldly and concisely give details about what you are offering. Focus on the benefits of your product or service, highlight specials deals and make your business the obvious choice above your competitors.
  3. Keep it brief – The text on your flyer needs to be really snappy and straight to the point. Try using lists and bullet points to make it easy for a reader to skim quickly and still get the take-away message. Keep the reader focused on your offer and lead them towards the action you want them to take next.
  4. Organize your page – Using boxes, borders, areas of contrasting colors and even empty spaces will help to organize the information in a way that important elements will stand out. Most people won’t take the time to stop and read a flyer filled with graphics and text from wall-to-wall so you want your main points to stand out at a glance.
  5. Include a call to action – Give your reader a reason to act now. Keep your words in the active voice and tell the reader exactly what steps you want them to take next. Ways to do this are to offer special discounts, offer a free gift for purchases by a specific date and offering specials for a limited time only.
  6. Know your audience – Before you spend any time creating your flyer, you need to understand your customer. Why do they need your product or service? What problems do your product or service solve for the customer? Find the answers to these types of questions so that you can quickly connect with potential customers.
  7. Proofread your writing – Not only should you proofread your flyer, but you should have one or two other people proofread it as well. A misspelled word or telephone number could make your flyer worthless.
  8. Make it visual – Images on your flyer will be seen before any text is read. Use eye-catching visuals that are relevant and meaningful to your offer. Experiment with the way that you use images on flyers. Often, one large image will have more of an impact than several smaller ones. Make your choices count.
  9. Use compelling testimonials – Testimonials are a great way to communicate the value of your products or services. Make sure to pick testimonials that are written clearly and professionally and focus on relevant details of your business.

When creating a business marketing flyer, follow these steps and you should be set up for success. Remember that clean and personal content is all you need and that the final product should be a good balance between striking design and good content.

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