10 Tips to Make an Effective Business Brochure


A brochure is an ideal promotional tool for any business to grow its customer base. Brochures let you showcase your business, including your products or services, and your purpose. So how can you be sure that your brochure is effective in influencing potential and existing customers?

  1. Know your objective – The purpose of the brochure will point you in the right direction. This is a communication design and everything you put into the brochure is a direct communication with your audience.
  1. Know your customers – Since a brochure is a communication tool, it’s important that you know your target market. This way, you’ll be able to capture their interests. Now, if you’re unaware of this kind of information, take the time to talk to your salespeople or even to your customers. Use their responses to map out the best design for what you’re offering and what they need.
  1. Be creative – Creativity is important to set you apart from your competition. Aim for a design that is original and unique. Think of a design that can still stand out even when it’s shuffled with other leaflets in a rack.
  1. Be succinct and avoid big words – You don’t have to impress your audience with fuzzy words. In fact, the more you use them, the harder it is for you to convey your main point. Similarly, too much information will just confuse the readers and dilute the main point of the brochure. Pinpoint an interest succinctly so the readers can easily grasp what you’re communicating to them.
  1. Use Bold Headlines – The headline of the brochure should instantly tell the readers what the brochure is all about. While basic details about the business are needed, they shouldn’t be highlighted as the headline of the brochure.
  1. Use the right colors – People respond to colors differently. Just like with fonts, if the company has signature colors, use them. And then branch out to different shades and tones using the trademark colors.
  1. Add appropriate graphics – People are visual creatures. We tend to get attracted more if we’re looking at something beautiful, intriguing, or fun. To make the design more reader-friendly, choose appropriate and relevant photos associated with the main theme of the brochure.
  1. Include a call to action – However well-designed your brochure is, if it doesn’t include a call-to-action, it won’t serve its true purpose. Even if you have an eye-catching brochure, it’s still imperative that you provide motivation for readers to get in touch with you or try what you’re offering.
  1. Make it easy for the reader to respond – Make sure that the name, website, contact information, and email of your business are visible in the brochure. If your brand has social media accounts, add them as well.
  1. Use the right paper and high quality print – When it comes to marketing, flimsy brochure paper is the equivalent of a weak handshake. To make a good impression and promote confidence, mind what paper you use. Choose high-quality paper to stand out. It may be pricier than regular, flimsy ones, but it will show you care for your brand and made an effort for your readers.

These ten points are important if you want your brochure to elicit a good response from existing and potential customers. Fast Printing Co. is a local, trusted printing company who offers some of the best quality with the fastest turnaround times. They specialize in business marketing materials and use eco-friendly products. Visit today to learn more about Fast Printing Co. and place your order!


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