What About Business Cards?


The business card is often something placed in the back of your wallet or in your pocket. In some countries, they are frequently traded with no formality or consequence, serving as nothing more than an internationally recognized way to exchange contact information. In other nations the cards are regarded as an extension of the individual to be treated with honor and respect. In either instance, the business card is one of the most compact and most used business marketing tools in use today that were first introduced and have evolved for many centuries.

Beginning in the 17th Century in Europe, Visiting Cards were used to announce the impending arrival of distinguished guests. They were shaped and sized similar to a playing card and became a staple of the elite by the middle of the century. Tradecards were also used in the early 17th Century in England and were used as advertising and also as maps, directing the public to merchant’s stores.

By the 19th Century business cards were widely used in both Europe and America. In Europe Visiting Cards, or Calling Cards, were an essential accessory to any middle class lady or gentleman and were refined and engraved with ornate coat of arms. In America there was a rigid distinction between business and visiting cards. The Visiting Cards served as tangible evidence of meeting social obligations as well as a streamlined letter of introduction while business cards were widespread among men and women of all classes with a business to promote. It was considered to be in very poor taste to use a business card when making a social call. In all cases, there was somewhat refined formalities and etiquette involved with the use of these cards.

Time has eroded much of the etiquette regarding business cards. Today’s business cards are no longer limited to paper-based products and almost any surface can be printed on to create a unique card. Fortunately, handing out your business card is no longer the etiquette minefield as it was a few centuries ago. There are still a few essential rules that should be followed to ensure its success. Keep your card easy to read, service-appropriate and include all your relevant contact details in order to build important business relationships.

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