What to Look for in a Printing Company


Choosing a printing company for your business doesn’t have to be hard. You need to look for a few key factors when making a selection. Let’s go through them to see if the printing company you were thinking of using scores high in these key factors.

1. Are their prices fair? Do they have affordable pricing? These are important and can be a grey area. You definitely don’t want to find a printer that is the cheapest around because they might lack quality. You don’t want to have your company’s business cards printed on paper that is flimsy or tears easy. What kind of message would that send to new clients? They would probably go straight in the trash.

2. Do they offer different paper options? For example, when choosing to print business cards, do they offer 14pt Premium Uncoated Cover and 14pt Gloss with UV? Plus do they have a thicker card, 16pt Dull Cover Matte in case you really want to stand out? Having a variety to choose from is always good.

3. Do they offer design help? Do they have designers that will design a business card for you that you get to keep? If they do that’s good. A great business card design will go a long way. These days marketing is everything. You wouldn’t think having a business card that stands out would be that important but it is. Your goal should be not to have them thrown in the trash but admired for their creativity.

4. Do they have great customer service and support? Do they offer promo codes and discounts? Having great customer service really goes along way and is worth spending a few extra dollars to save you time and energy if something goes wrong. It’s nice to find a company that will help you placing and order as well.

The above factors are important when finding a print company. FastPrintingCo excels in all of these areas. FastPrintingCo prints everything on high quality paper and their prices are affordable with numerous promo codes given. Check them out today!


from The Official Blog of FastPrintingCo.com http://ift.tt/1hgRdo0

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