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Why are business cards so important? One reason is its size and cost compared to all the other marketing materials you might develop. It is powerful because on many occasions it will be a first impression tool for someone looking into your company. Your business card won’t tell someone everything about your company, but it can give off a professional first impression if designed right. What it should do is present your company in a professional way that people will remember. If you think about it, that little business card can make as much of an impression as your personal appearance.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a card style/design that isn’t appropriate for your business. For example, if you own a corporate events company, you wouldn’t want a boring card with basic text on a white background. That wouldn’t spell fun, right? When designing your card start with a style that best supports the image of your business. Below are five different styles of business cards:

Basic- A basic card is a no-nonsense approach for clients that wouldn’t care for a fancy design.

Picture- You can put a profile picture of you or a drawing to help the client remember you.

Tactile- These cards are printed on other materials besides paper, like metal or wood.

Multipurpose- A business card with a coupon or discount on the back. It can serve a different purpose as well.

Outside-the-box- Wildly original, extravagant, ultra creative cards that will draw attention.

Whatever you do make sure your card fits with your company’s image. Now you are ready to print. Choose a high quality print company so you don’t get stuck with $100 worth of low quality cheap cards that will also hurt your company’s image. FastPrintingCo. is a great high quality, fast, affordable printing company that will make sure your business cards meet your high standards.

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