Seven Strategies to Win Customers for Life

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A big question running through a business owners mind is, “how can we build customer loyalty?” These seven strategies will help get you on the right foot for building lasting relationships with your customers. Don’t ever forget the power of referrals. Positive or negative word of mouth spreads quickly. It spreads faster than any marketing campaign you might employ.

Strategy One: Don’t ever forget to say THANKS!

Customers like to feel appreciated and wanted. They want to feel important like they are your only customer. It doesn’t matter if it’s face to face, over the phone, or even a mailed thank you note, a THANK YOU goes a long way!

Strategy Two: Find out if you are doing a good job and if there are improvements to be made.

A customer will usually not come out and tell you there is a problem. You have to find creative ways to get them to tell you. Maybe a survey or a focus group would be a good option. The most important part of this is when you do find improvements to be made fix them quickly!

Strategy Three: Ensure the customer that they made the right decision to do business with you.

Constantly educate the customer and reassure them that they made a good decision by choosing you. If you do something that your competitors don’t make sure you remind the customer of that. You need to emphasize what differentiates you from the competition. Continue to mail them promotional discounts to make them feel special.

Strategy Four: Guarantee your products or services.

If you personally stand behind what you’re offering it will drive up your value and create trust between you and the customer. Make sure the customer knows you mean it as well. If a customer has a problem it is your responsibility to fix it. Whether it is your department or not you see it through to the end.

Strategy Five: Recognize that there might be others in the “buying process” and they should be appreciated too.

Maybe it’s an assistant or a committee. Either way, ensure you show the same attention and respect to them as you do to the potential buyer. Instead of giving your business cards to your main contact, give one to everyone.

Strategy Six: Develop a demanding customer.

This means that if you create a demanding customer that decides to go to the competition, they will demand the same level of service they got from you. Anything less than that tells the customer they made the right decision in choosing you.

Strategy Seven: Create Magic Moments.

When customers are introduced to your company they have the opportunity to form an impression. That is a moment of truth. Turn every one of these moments into a magic moment. This will help your customers stay your customers.

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