Business Card Design


Many would say that a person’s business card is one of the most important marketing tools they have. A business card will usually be the first impression a potential customer has about you and your company. The questions is, what do business cards need to have and look like to be attractive and memorable?

First, a business card needs to be professional and it needs to reflect your logo and/or company slogan. It needs to have a design that will reach out and grab the attention of the individual reading it. Fast Printing Co. has a team of graphic designers that have designed thousands of business cards. They are professional and will create a design for you that will stand out and be remembered. A popular option that Fast Printing Co. offers is a spot UV print on your business card. A spot UV print will make your logo and/or text shiny in the color you want from your print files. This feature definitely makes your card stand out and looks extremely good on a matte card. Check out the picture. Second, it needs to have the desired means of communication. For example, contact phone, contact email, website of company, and a few social media links if desired. Try to avoid putting unrelated information on a business card. For example, in most cases you wouldn’t need to put your company’s mission statement on your business card.

It is important that your business card be unique and memorable. Keep in mind that some people you hand your business cards to have probably seen over a hundred of them and don’t remember any that stood out. Another important aspect of a business card is the paper quality. Business professionals can distinguish between cards printed on a home printer and cards that were professionally printed on the highest quality paper.

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