A Quick Guide to Paper Stock – What is Best For You?

When trying to choose the right paper stock, you can find it hard to know if the choice you are making is of the right quality.

When choosing any other kind of printing material at the Fast Printing Co, we want you to get all the help that you need to really take this an extra step further. With the help of making the right choice of paper thickness, you can make sure you can create the right impression.

So, today, the three most common choices are 14pt, 16pt and 100lb. These three varieties are massively different to one another in their own subtle ways, and making the right choice can be very important. Read through this, and you should find making a choice on paper stocks is much simpler!

14pt Card Stocks

The first option that you should take a look at is 14pt card stocks. These are usually used for business and post cards, and often does a good job to help make a sleek, relatively durable piece of card. If you are looking for a high quantity order, then this can be the most affordable choice – just don’t expect every piece of card to be super-solid. These easily work as the right choice for those who are looking for a card type they can hand out en masse, and can be printed in large quantities.

If you are looking to mass produce business cards and promo offers, then this can be a fine place to start with. They usually fit in just about any standard card holder, too, so you should find it much easier to hand them out and to see people actually keep hold of the card.

16pt Card Stocks

The next option is the much thicker, more luxurious and stylish 16pt card. Many people choose to go for this when creating exclusive offers and limited volumes of card. They are much more durable than the other, albeit with the fact it costs you more to have them produced.

They are great for a big business that wants to make a major impression, with a really thick and instantly memorable feel to the card making them a fine choice for those who want to make a big impression.

They usually come with a matte finish, too, which further adds to the general luxury and grandeur of the card. It looks good, feels great and really should impress just about everyone who you hand the card over to!

100lb Card Stocks

Often, 100lb card stocks can be a fine choice for those who want a very thin, stylish and environmentally friendly option. These are very thin paper stocks that look excellent when used in catalogs, brochures and similar styles. They often look great and can be used to help make easily folded over content like menus.

It’s much more cost-effective and easy to print in bulk, as well!

While making the choice is, more or less a personal one for your business, you can find that this make it much easier for you to find the kind of card stocks that you need without having to waste much time deciding what the best fit is for your business.

Take the time to look into all three, and you might just find the perfect card selection needed!

Increase Sales with These Printed Marketing Materials

In business, first impressions really do matter, which is why so many companies are hiring printing experts to create eye-catching printed marketing materials.

In the business world, getting noticed is much harder than a lot of people seem to realize. This is why marketing and advertising plays such a crucial role in many a company’s business strategy. Currently, the demand for professional print companies such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ is greater than ever, but what are some of the best printed marketing materials to have at your disposal? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Business Brochures

First on our list, we have business brochures. Business brochures are ideal because not only do they serve as a form of advertising for your company by boldly displaying your company name, colors, and logo on the front, but inside they also market goods and services. A business brochure can contain as many pages as you like, with each page offering something useful to the reader, about the business in general.

Business cards

Business cards have been used for decades, centuries in fact, and for good reason. Business cards are ideal because they serve as a very convenient form of advertising. You can hand business cards out at meetings with prospective customers, you can give them to acquaintances, you can pin them to notice boards, and you can even include them with current orders. Business cards display your company name, your logo, your business colors, and your contact info. They offer a clear and concise look at your company by displaying a very simple message. You can have thousands of business cards printed for you by print companies like ‘Fast Printing Co’ so there is literally no excuse for not having a business card in close proximity to you at all times.


Decades ago, catalogs were all the range in the business world, as even the smallest of businesses utilized them. Then, along came the internet and digital marketing, and fewer and fewer businesses used them. Despite this, studies have found that business catalogs still have their place in the world of marketing and advertising. You see, catalogs are ideal because they can be sent out to potential customers and can be used by them to order products from you. As well as that, they also serve as a great way of displaying exactly what it is that you have on offer. Another great thing about a catalog is the fact that customers are more likely to hang onto it for longer, so they will always be reminded of your business whenever they see it, and they will be more likely to use it when they want something that you have to offer.

Envelopes and letterheads

If you really want to give your business a professional feel, custom printed letterheads and envelopes are perfect. By displaying a bold and colorful logo at the top of your letters and envelopes, and while using top quality paper, customers instantly know who you are, and will also likely take you more seriously.


4 Things You Are Doing Wrong with Your Postcard Marketing

Thought that a postcard was merely something you sent to your friends and family members back home as you relax on vacation? Think again!

Postcards can also serve as a powerful form of marketing and advertising for your business, providing you get them right. A good postcard for marketing purposes should be eye-catching, it should look professional, it should be easy to read, and it should convey a simple message. Get your postcard marketing campaign right, and your business will almost certainly benefit as a result. Get it wrong, and you could be out of pocket with nothing to show for it. If your postcard marketing campaign isn’t working effectively, check out these mistakes you could potentially be making.

Utilizing stock photos

Stock photos in some instances can be very useful, but when it comes to postcard marketing, that isn’t the case. Yes, we all know that stock images are useful, but they are also fairly generic, plus there is always the risk that other businesses will have used the same images. Stock images are cheesy, and they give the impression that you are cutting corners and looking for a quick and easy fix. You want to give your business that personal touch and feel, which is why you should go with a professional digital image. There are plenty of photographers you could hire to get the image you want for your postcard, so avoid going down the easy route with stock images.

Going for a single mailing

Postcard dropping through letterboxes is a very effective form of marketing, but you must ensure that you are consistent. A lot of companies make the mistake of having cards drawn up by companies such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ and just go with a single posting. Ideally you should have a series of cards drawn up, and you should create an entire campaign. This doesn’t mean that you should post a card through somebody’s letterbox every single day, or week for that matter, but try to ensure that, every month or so, you drop a fresh card through somebody’s door. This helps them to familiarize themselves with your company name and logo, and it helps build credibility for you.

Not hiring professionals – Another common mistake made by businesses and individuals looking to promote themselves is to try to create postcards themselves, rather than have professionals create them instead. Yes, there are advanced printing techniques and pieces of editing software you can purchase, that will help create good postcards, but you don’t want good, you want great. When it comes to postcard marketing, never try to cut corners by doing things yourself. Professionals such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ do this for a living, so leave it in their very capable hands.

Leaving one side blank

When having a marketing postcard created, it’s important that you utilize both sides of the card. One side should have contact details, address, and so on, whereas the other can be used to display bold text and colourful images.


Printed Marketing Materials can have a Powerful Influence

For businesses of all scales, marketing and advertising can literally be the difference between success and failure.

Get your marketing strategies wrong, and you’ll struggle to stay afloat. Get them right however, and you will benefit in more ways than you could have ever envisioned. These days, everybody seems concerned with digital marketing, and while digital marketing is very important, so too is printed marketing. With the demand for printed marketing companies such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ now higher than ever, this shows just how powerful printed marketing can be. In a world seemingly being dominated by digitalization, it’s nice to see that the more personal forms of marketing are still doing better than ever. Here’s a look at a few reasons why printed marketing materials are so beneficial.

Print stands out – One of the first reasons why printed marketing materials are so effective is simply due to the fact that they stand out. Yes, we all know that digital marketing like email and affiliate marketing, is very effective, but many believe that printed marketing is even more powerful. This is because with printed marketing, perhaps in the form of a brochure, it stands out to the reader. When you receive marketing emails, a lot of you will see them as spam and will delete them before reading. Receive a brochure through your door and you can’t help but be drawn to the cover, and will almost certainly be tempted to look inside, even if it is for just a moment.

It is tried and tested – When it comes to marketing, a lot of digital marketing influencers argue that printed marketing has been around for so long now, that it has had its day. A good counter to that argument however, is to point out that it has been around so long for a reason. The reason it has been around for so long, and the reason why printing companies such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ are now busier than ever, is because it works so well as an effective form of marketing for businesses of all scales.

Printed marketing works well as a comprehensive marketing strategy – The third reason why printed marketing materials are considered such powerful business tools, is because they work well as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. While print works well by itself, for larger scale operations, utilizing printed materials along with other forms of marketing and advertising, helps give a business a greater chance of reaching a wider audience and being successful. By combining printed marketing with other strategies like email marketing and SEO, you help broaden your horizons, as it were, and can potentially reach a wider audience via a number of different mediums. For example, email marketing is great for people that use email, for those that don’t however, it’s a waste of time. For those that don’t, something as simple as leaflet dropping could help you snag more customers.

Print is affordable – You have to spend money to make money in the business world, but with printed marketing, you don’t have to spend too much. With advanced printing techniques now available, having leaflets or brochures created is much more affordable than you may have thought.


A Complete Guide to Effective Brochure Marketing

As a business owner, marketing is, without any question of doubt, one of the strongest tools you can potentially have at your disposal.

Notice how we said potentially? That’s because it isn’t always guaranteed to be effective. If you get your marketing wrong, or are not consistent, in all honesty it won’t get you or your business very far. There are many forms of marketing currently in existence, and covering them all in depth would take an age. So, for that reason, we are going to focus on one specific piece of marketing today, and that is brochure marketing. Brochure marketing is basically a form of printing marketing in which a business will hire a printing company such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ and will have them print out a series of professional brochures that market the business and/or specific products or services. If you want to ensure your marketing campaign is a success however, you must ensure that your brochure is effective. Check out these tips on creating effective marketing brochures.

Give the reader a reason to look inside – Remember, a brochure is not the same as a poster, a brochure contains several pages, with each page marketing the business in some way or another. You therefore, need your readers to look inside your brochure to see all of the content you have in there. How do you do this? Well, to begin with you need to ensure that the cover is eye-catching, as that is the first thing that they will see. This is where it pays to hire printing experts such as ‘Fast Printing Co’ as they will know what is needed to create an eye-catching, yet professional, front cover to a marketing brochure.

Don’t get too technical – A lot of the time, you will find that businesses make the mistake of trying to get too technical with their marketing jargon. They’re so obsessed with trying to look professional to their readers that they throw in overly technical jargon and business terminology that even seasoned business veterans would struggle to understand. When creating marketing content, get inside your reader’s heads and think like the reader. Would you rather be faced with complex and technical jargon that you can’t understand, or would you rather have simple content that puts a message across, which you also happen to be able to understand?

Don’t forget a contents page – If you happen to have a brochure of 8 pages or more, experts recommend a contents page. A contents page, written in bold, perhaps numbered or bulleted, should be separate from the other content and it should basically tell your reader which content your brochure contains, and on which page. Again, if you hire printing experts like ‘Fast Printing Co’ they’ll be able to take care of the contents page for you.

Briefly describe your products or services – When you have a brochure created, you have it created for a reason. Whether you are marketing yourself, specific services, or a product or products, make sure you briefly describe the key selling points. Again, bullet points and/or sub-headings are useful.